A Much Needed Win

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1394455_10201244681413717_1418075318_nWe most definitely aren’t undefeated like the Denver Broncos but it feels pretty damn good for Steeler Nation to finally take home a win, especially on the road. While in attendance at Metlife last Sunday for some gorgeous football weather, I was amongst many other Steelers faithfuls hoping for a little taste of victory. There were 5 charter buses that had journeyed from Pittsburgh ( about 6.5 hour drive) to attend this game and there was at least 15% of the stadium filled with terrible towels and their favorite jersey.

Birthday boy Ryan Clark had an impressive red zone interception which was his first of the season and a total of 5 tackles and 3 assists. Jarvis Jones who many have been keeping their eyes on did not disappoint with two tackles. This Rookie is going to do great things for the Pittsburgh Steelers this season.

In the 3rd quarter Big Ben throws a 55 yard down pass to Sanders for the only touchdown of the game.

Geno Smith’s pass to Hill was instantly read by Polumalu as he raced across the field to lay him out with a clean monstrous hit.

The Jets couldn’t put up any points the entire second half which lead them to a total of 6 points from 2 field goals. Many Jets fans vacated the stadium at the 2 minute warning after the final nail was put in the coffin and Smiths second and last pick of the game was thrown. The final score was 19-6 and as the clock expired you could here the “Here we Go Steelers” chats, the “1-4,1-4,1-4” chants it was so fun.

Going into week 7 the Pittsburgh Steelers definitely have health and the positive momentum on their side. Coming from week 6 with a win achieved will definitely give them the confidence they need to take on this divisional arch nemesis. The majority of Steelers are healthy with the exception of Curtis Brown (DB), Jarvis Jones (LB), Brett Keisel (DE), Steve McLendon (DT) and Heath Miller (TE) who are all probable.

Game Score: Steelers: 24 Ravens: 21


Running for Something

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A lot has gone on the last few days but I am going to leave you all in suspense and talk about Friday.  I had previously taken the day off because I had committed to participating on my brothers Ragnar Relay Race team for the 2013 Cape Cod Mass run.  The Ragnar consists of 192 mile run over a 2 day period of time for a team of 12.  We began our run at 8:30 am on Friday and finished on Saturday around 5:30. I was runner number 8 so I had my first run around 3ish on Friday, 2 am on Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon around 2. My first run was rough because I had been pretty stressed out that morning because I had taken off work for the run and there had been an issue with an order and it was partly my fault. So me being the paranoid freak that I am… felt awful about it and felt powerless that I couldn’t help. Thank goodness my bosses are awesome and he reassured me that everything would be fixed and sure enough he handled the situation. In between runs we were crammed in the van going from check point to check point and I felt my muscles tightening up. My night run was cool and peaceful.  At some points it was a little scary running in the total darkness with my blinking butt light, reflective vest and headlamp but I enjoyed it overall even thought it was only 39 degrees out. The lack of sleep and uncomfortable living conditions for the duration of the race sucked but I was able to suck it up and finish my legs. It was really great to be a part of such a hard working successful team and all of the participants in the relay race were so supportive. There were times that I felt like I couldn’t run another step but someone would pass me and say your almost there you got this and that was the little boost I needed. It was great to see that even though competitiveness is important so is encouragement and support for our fellow neighbors in this crazy thing called life.

Conclusion: My team finished 192 miles by Saturday evening and averaged 10 minute miles.  I honestly didn’t think I would have been able to finish 15+ miles in that short span of time in those conditions but I did and I even impressed myself.  I used to be the chunky little asthmatic girl who couldn’t run for anything but I completed this feat with my best running times ever and I feel great! Our bodies are capable of so much while we are young and one day they will get older and we will be limited in doing what we want to do physically  so I plan on really following my New Year’s resolution and eating better/staying fit because if you don’t care of your body no one else will. 

Ignorance is Bliss but I Need the Truth

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So I have decided that I am definitely ready and interested in truly beginning the search for my birth parents and possible siblings in Paraguay. I’m not going to lie and say i am not shaking in my boots because I am but this is something that I just need to know.  Everything in my life is finally falling into place and I know who I am but there is still an emptiness that needs to be filled.   Really thinking about my adoption and the life I could have led freaking blows my mind. I sometimes get so caught up in my current life that I rarely stop and think how lucky I am to be here. I have always wanted a sister and I may very well have one but she may not be as fortunate as me.

Yesterday I stopped to see my parents and grab my mail that has yet to be rerouted to my new address. Of course my mom made me a yummy broccoli soup and stuffed bread lunch and I was in heaven. After I ate like a glutton, I decided to grab my baby book and my the Precious Moments journal that contains the memories of my mom while she went through the adoption. I haven’t looked at any of this stuff in years and I am excited to go through all of her memories and incorporate them into my book.  I have also rented a total of 8 books from the Wallingford Library so I can begin the immersion into the history of my birth country. I will be spending the next few days reflecting and reading up on as much of my history in 1989 as I possibly can. I  promise that I will have a great post for you all this weekend. I hope you are all excited for me to officially kick off this journey to my past.

Ignorance is bliss but all I want as I get older is the truth about me and my life.  I want to be able to completely put together the pieces of my identity and I am happy to admit I am ready for whatever good or bad things may be revealed. Carpe Diem all and wish me Good Luck!

You Win Some & You Lose Some

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The Pittsburgh Steelers went into week 13 not knowing if they would be 0-2 against their arch nemesis, the Baltimore Ravens.  Week 11 they had an upsetting 13-10 loss even with the excellent touchdown by Byron Leftwich. It just wasn’t enough to get the win. Followed by an atrocious game against the Cleveland Browns (20-14).  The Steelers had a total of 8 turnovers that game 3 of which were the product of Mendenhall’s carelessness and 3 interceptions.

However, Charlie Batch was able to put up great numbers and redeem himself with his win over Baltimore. Batch had a total of 276 passing yards and completed 25 of 36 passes. The Steelers had possession of the ball nearly 10 minutes longer than the Ravens despite their 3 turnovers. Dwyer and Miller each had a touchdown and Suisham successfully kicked 3 field goals which led to the (23-20) win over Baltimore.

The Following week the Steelers took on the Chargers. This game was in favor of the Steelers but it’s important to not count your chickens before they hatch. This was Big Ben’s first game back since his injury and it was clear that he was out of practice.  He was not as agile and fluid as usual and it reflected in the score of the game.  Ben had a total of 285 passing yards with 22 of 42 completions. The momentum of the game was flowing in favor of the Chargers the majority of game. And it got worse for the Steelers in the 3rd quarter with a  lateral pass gone sour.   Not only was the ball fumbled but it tumbled into the end zone as Antonio Brown let it slip through his hands only to be recovered by Jammers for a touchdown.   The Steelers picked up their game in the 4th quarter with 14 points but it wasn’t enough to interrupt the Chargers success. The Chargers then followed up with 2 touchdowns for a final score of 34-24.

The Steelers have to go to work this week against the Cowboys if they want a shot at the playoffs.  Sanders, Lewis and Woodley are all looking good for Sunday. However, Taylor, Adams, Allen and Colon have not been practicing so their status for Sunday is undetermined.  Harrison and Troy they haven’t been practicing but for unrelated reasons.  As for Mendenhall, he won’t be playing due to his misconduct suspension, for missing the game against the Chargers.  Even though a player is ruled inactive for a game they are still required by the Steelers policy to be in attendance on the sideline unless an injury or special circumstance prevents them.

Mendenhall was injured most of this season, demoted after his poor performance against the Browns and suspended this week. Things are not looking good for Mendenhall who will be a free agent next year.

The Steelers offense need to be sharp and minimize mistakes and turnovers in order to be successful against the Cowboys and to stay ahead of the Bengals who defeated the Eagles.

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Steelers Week 2 Redemption

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The Pittsburgh Steelers started off the season on the wrong foot but it is important to realize that the 1st game of the season doesn’t determine a teams long term success.

It was unfortunate that the Steelers were eliminated from the playoffs last year due to the ridiculous TD the first few minutes of overtime and to start this season off by being defeated by the Broncos yet again, left a bitter taste for Steelers fans.

However, Haley did not let this negative energy deter his offense from taking control of the gridiron for a total of 36:36  against the New York Jets.

Going into the Week 2 game at Heinz field, Rex Ryan’s Jets were feeling pretty optimistic and strong coming from their 48-28 point domination over the Bills. However, all that glitters is not gold because Sanchez was only able to throw for 138 yards with 10 out of 27 completed passes. His gorgeous new muse, Eva Longoria apparently didn’t give him enough inspiration this week.  

Pittsburgh was able to come through strong even without star defenders, Polamalu and Hard-Hitting Harrison. This was definitely a great opportunity for some rookie defensive players to shine. Woodley and Hayward each had a sack on Sanchez.  The Steelers defense performed well and it was great to have safety Ryan Clark make his season debut. During an interview with Clark he said ” I am looking forward to the New York Jets in the week 2 because I want to be able to play!” It was quite evident that Clark was happy and ready to be on the field. He was the leading defensive player with 7 tackles and 1 assist. Larry Foote followed with 5 tackles and 2 assists. 

The beginning of the game was in the Jets favor but the Steelers took the lead at the half as Miller scored a 1 yard touchdown and Suisham had severa solid kicks which contributed to the score.

Oh my third quarter blooper!

Note to Kerley: Never take your eyes off the ball!!! It leads to the possibility of getting bopped in the head. This careless play led to the Jets fumble as Mundy recovered and gave Pittsburgh excellent field placement.  

Ben took a chance in the 3rd quarter and “put his faith in his guys” with his risky 37 yard throw to Wallace. Ben knew that Wallace wasn’t open as he ran down the field neck and neck with Kerley. Wallace was able to exhibit his amazing talent by keeping both feet in the end zone to score that athletic Touchdown.

Redman had a pretty fancy spin move as he gracefully ricocheted into the end zone which brought the score to 26-10 in the fourth quarter.   To sum things up, Ben was able to complete 24 of 31 passes and lead his team to a 27-10 victory.  As the season continues, Ben will be another step closer to surpassing the 27,898 career passing yard record of Terry Bradshaw.  

Next week the Steelers (1-1) take on the Raiders (0-2) and it won’t be decided until closer to Sunday whether or not Tomlin has Polamalu and Harrison play.  Either way it is safe to say that the odds are in the Steelers favor week 3.  

Let the Games Begin: A Chat With Ryan Clark

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In honor of the Pittsburgh Steelers season kickoff against Denver. I wanted to share the interview that I had with this exceptional member of the Pittsburgh Steelers who will not be playing until Week 2 against the Jets. Currently Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark’s career stands at eleven years and counting. This veteran safety began playing when he was just 5 years old and was a natural at the game of football. He also enjoyed playing basketball and baseball but football was his true calling. After attending Bishop Shaw High School he went on to have a successful college career at LSU.

Amarie: What made you choose to attend LSU?

Ryan: It was close to home, a good school and a great college football destination. Also, I had a dream I was on the sideline when LSU beat Florida and took it as a sign.

Amarie: Prior to being drafted into the NFL was there a specific team you hoped to play for?

Ryan: No, not at all. I just wanted a chance to play. I would have been happy anywhere.

Clark was originally signed by the NY Giants in 2002 as a free agent and had a brief stint playing for the Redskins but is more commonly known for being a Pittsburgh Steeler. Throughout his NFL career Clark has overcome injuries and the 2007 sickle cell scare in Denver. When I asked him about his condition he explained that his sickle cell disease “strictly affects him only in Denver other than that everything is fine.”  With that being said Clark is most looking forward to week 2 since it will be his first game of this season. Unfortunately, Clark was unable to play in the playoff game in Denver last season against Tebow’s Broncos and he will have to watch on as his team takes on Peyton in week 1. Even though he is disappointed that he can’t play this game he is confident in the Steelers offense and is looking forward to stepping on the field and facing the Jets in week two!

Amarie: Has there been any players whom you have looked up to or tried to emulate?

Ryan: Sean Taylor is someone who inspires me. He was a dear friend and an amazing talent. It was his intensity and passion that I try to emulate. He played every play like his last. And Troy is a true inspiration for his immense talent and ultimate humility. I can only pray to be that way.

Amarie: After appearing on ESPN, do you have any plans to pursue a career as an analyst after football?

Ryan: I’ll definitely explore that as an option. I hope I get the opportunity.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have had an interesting pre-season run.  The addition of Haley to the offensive team caused some tension with Ben in the beginning but now seems to be running pretty smoothly.

Amarie: Is there any concerns with Big Ben adjusting to the new offensive style?

Clark: He is a pro- bowler, 2 time Super Bowl winning QB. If it were my job to be concerned, which its not. I wouldn’t be at all. He’ll do great.

The confidence of Ryan Clark in his team mates and coaching staff is well earned because the Steelers have pulled it all together by winning 3/4 preseason games.  Preseason games don’t mean much but hopefully this is an indication that they will continue to work hard and there will be some big moves by the younger guys. Another interesting twist to the Steelers off season was the Mike Wallace and his infamous hold out  which caused a little bit of angst this summer but he is back and in action.  Hopefully we can see him get the job done on the field after all of the drama that he caused.

Injuries are an unavoidable part of football. David Decastro was put on injured reserve after sustaining a knee injury during the preseason Bills game which could end up being at least 8 weeks without this young Guard.  Mendenhall is still recovering from his knee surgery but it’s only a matter of time that we will see him on the field again.  Redman will do just fine against the Broncos and is more than capable of gaining some yardage for the Steelers.  Redman was the Steelers second leading rusher in 2011 and his average yards per carry actually exceeded Mendenhall’s last year.

The Steelers opening season game against the Broncos will be an exciting game and will most definitely be close. It will be interesting to see how Peyton does with his debut game. Let the games begin!

Prediction:                   Steelers        24               Broncos              21

An Olympic Push By the Fab 5

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Today marks the first day of the 3rd month since I began this healthy new lifestyle.I have lost 8 pounds and over 3 inches every where which is pretty impressive, if I say so myself.  It hasn’t been easy and I thank all of those who put up with my crankiness in the beginning from the change in diet.

My only concern is that I’m starting to reach a plateau and I blame all of the BBQs and birthday get togethers the past month. Damn you 4th of July and all of your delicious hot dogs, steamers and oh so alluring desserts!  I have been slipping A LOT lately when it comes to the diet side of things and I haven’t been hitting the gym up every day. 

Watching all of these Olympic athletes is motivating me to get back into my groove because I was feeling so good and I don’t want to lose what I created the last two months.  After watching the US gymnasts win the Gold I am deeply impressed.  This group of young women absolutely dominated their events with a final score of 183.596. They were able to defeat Russia by a whole 5 points.

 Through thick and thin these 5 ladies stick together while sticking killer landings! After Jordyn Wieber failed to make all around individuals she put her  disappointment aside and congratulated Aly.  She didn’t let the loss get her down and mentally prepared for Team Finals and focused on the bigger picture: GETTING A GOLD FOR THE US! This behavior coming from such a young Olympian is quite admirable and shows the maturity and dedication to her team.  Speaking of a young Olympian Gabby Douglas is only a mere 16 years old with mounds of experience under her belt.  While Kyla Ross is a year younger as a special performer.  Every young woman on this team brings a dedicated and inspiring demeanor which is exhibited through their successes and interactions with each other! 

The last time the United States won a Gold Medal in gymnastics was 16 years ago, before Gabby and Kyla were born.  I think it was definitely about time that we took control of this Olympic Event and I’m proud of the Fab 5 for being the captors of this amazing accomplishment! This team deserves quite the praise and is a reminder that you can do anything if you focus and set your mind to it! 

So tomorrow I am cutting out the take-out and junk I have been eating on my breaks at work so that I can not only get in even better shape but SAVE MONEY!! Thank you girls for being so inspiring and kicking butt! Image