An Olympic Push By the Fab 5

Today marks the first day of the 3rd month since I began this healthy new lifestyle.I have lost 8 pounds and over 3 inches every where which is pretty impressive, if I say so myself.  It hasn’t been easy and I thank all of those who put up with my crankiness in the beginning from the change in diet.

My only concern is that I’m starting to reach a plateau and I blame all of the BBQs and birthday get togethers the past month. Damn you 4th of July and all of your delicious hot dogs, steamers and oh so alluring desserts!  I have been slipping A LOT lately when it comes to the diet side of things and I haven’t been hitting the gym up every day. 

Watching all of these Olympic athletes is motivating me to get back into my groove because I was feeling so good and I don’t want to lose what I created the last two months.  After watching the US gymnasts win the Gold I am deeply impressed.  This group of young women absolutely dominated their events with a final score of 183.596. They were able to defeat Russia by a whole 5 points.

 Through thick and thin these 5 ladies stick together while sticking killer landings! After Jordyn Wieber failed to make all around individuals she put her  disappointment aside and congratulated Aly.  She didn’t let the loss get her down and mentally prepared for Team Finals and focused on the bigger picture: GETTING A GOLD FOR THE US! This behavior coming from such a young Olympian is quite admirable and shows the maturity and dedication to her team.  Speaking of a young Olympian Gabby Douglas is only a mere 16 years old with mounds of experience under her belt.  While Kyla Ross is a year younger as a special performer.  Every young woman on this team brings a dedicated and inspiring demeanor which is exhibited through their successes and interactions with each other! 

The last time the United States won a Gold Medal in gymnastics was 16 years ago, before Gabby and Kyla were born.  I think it was definitely about time that we took control of this Olympic Event and I’m proud of the Fab 5 for being the captors of this amazing accomplishment! This team deserves quite the praise and is a reminder that you can do anything if you focus and set your mind to it! 

So tomorrow I am cutting out the take-out and junk I have been eating on my breaks at work so that I can not only get in even better shape but SAVE MONEY!! Thank you girls for being so inspiring and kicking butt! Image


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  1. Good new biography on Gabby Douglas at

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