Running for Something


A lot has gone on the last few days but I am going to leave you all in suspense and talk about Friday.  I had previously taken the day off because I had committed to participating on my brothers Ragnar Relay Race team for the 2013 Cape Cod Mass run.  The Ragnar consists of 192 mile run over a 2 day period of time for a team of 12.  We began our run at 8:30 am on Friday and finished on Saturday around 5:30. I was runner number 8 so I had my first run around 3ish on Friday, 2 am on Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon around 2. My first run was rough because I had been pretty stressed out that morning because I had taken off work for the run and there had been an issue with an order and it was partly my fault. So me being the paranoid freak that I am… felt awful about it and felt powerless that I couldn’t help. Thank goodness my bosses are awesome and he reassured me that everything would be fixed and sure enough he handled the situation. In between runs we were crammed in the van going from check point to check point and I felt my muscles tightening up. My night run was cool and peaceful.  At some points it was a little scary running in the total darkness with my blinking butt light, reflective vest and headlamp but I enjoyed it overall even thought it was only 39 degrees out. The lack of sleep and uncomfortable living conditions for the duration of the race sucked but I was able to suck it up and finish my legs. It was really great to be a part of such a hard working successful team and all of the participants in the relay race were so supportive. There were times that I felt like I couldn’t run another step but someone would pass me and say your almost there you got this and that was the little boost I needed. It was great to see that even though competitiveness is important so is encouragement and support for our fellow neighbors in this crazy thing called life.

Conclusion: My team finished 192 miles by Saturday evening and averaged 10 minute miles.  I honestly didn’t think I would have been able to finish 15+ miles in that short span of time in those conditions but I did and I even impressed myself.  I used to be the chunky little asthmatic girl who couldn’t run for anything but I completed this feat with my best running times ever and I feel great! Our bodies are capable of so much while we are young and one day they will get older and we will be limited in doing what we want to do physically  so I plan on really following my New Year’s resolution and eating better/staying fit because if you don’t care of your body no one else will. 


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