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Everything Happens For a Reason with a Little Bit of Luck

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The 2012 NFL Draft has finally arrived and in honor of this day I wanted to take a further look into Andrew Luck the All American Stanford QB and the fabulous Baylor player RG3 a.k.a Robert Griffin III.  These two individuals have been blowing up the internet scene the last 3 months and will be the top two draft picks for this 2012 NFL Draft! Not only are these young men exceptional football players but they are quite bright and put the jock stereotype to shame.

 After seeing Luck at the Walter Camp weekend in New Haven I was very impressed with his demeanor and attitude not to mention his ability to play some football.  Even though Luck was projected to be the #1 draft pick in 2011 he put the opportunity on hold and returned to Stanford for his redshirt junior season and to finish his degree in Engineering and Architectural Design. Kudos to this young man for avoiding the temptation of the money and game to obtain his degree thus enabling him to have an opportunity for success outside football should anything ever happen to prevent him from playing.  At Stanford Luck was the first freshman to be the starting Quarterback since 1996 and had 2,929 yards of total offense which is the 5 highest numbers in Stanford History.

Now on to the next one, RG3 began playing football for Baylor and started 11 out of 12 games his freshman year. He also received Big 12 honors from the league’s coaches quite impressive for such a young player.  In 2009, RG3 suffered an isolated ACL injury and was unable to play the remainder of the season.  Sometimes a knee injury can really upset a player’s future but RG3 was unhindered by this injury and quickly bounced back. He won the Heisman trophy December 2011 and set the record for first ever Baylor player to receive this prestigious award.  He made the decision to forgo his final year of college football eligibility for the NFL draft. He graduated with a degree in Poli Sci and a 3.67 GPA and began a MBA in Communications.  In addition to the Heisman, RG3 also won the Manning Award and the O’Brien Award among several other high achievements.

These two individuals are no joke and will do big things for the Colts and Redskins! Here’s to the 2012 NFL season thank goodness that September is quickly approaching and congrats to all the draft picks everything happens for a reason!!


Here’s to 100 Years of Boston History!

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Here's to 100 Years of History!

Not only is there reason to celebrate in Boston for the 100th Birthday of Fenway but a man by the name of Bill Hogan, Bostonian and Boston sport fanatic, will be turning 100 years old as well! This is quite exciting because that is a lot of years of being a sports fan and I find Hogan’s b-day more exciting than Fenway’s since I am a Yankees/Pirates fan ( : . Regardless April 14, 2012, was quite the day to celebrate and the Sox won 13-5!

Happy B-day Bill and Fenway!!

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I swear I will be posting the interview ASAP.. my company FairfieldCoupon has been taking over my life in a good way!!

Sports Chat Fanatic

Yesterday was a very special day for me.  I had my first LIVE interview with a former NEW YORK GIANTS Defensive End in my hometown of Milford, CT!  It’s crazy that a year ago I was filming a silly video about my Pittsburgh Steelers from the comfort of my University of New Haven dorm room using my bootleg digital camera.  AND look at me now, I am recording in a legitimate studio thanks to my friend Gregory at Studio 95 Photographix! AND not only is the equipment fabulous but I had the opportunity to interview Leonard A. Marshall who played for the NY Giants for 10 seasons, the Redskins for 1 and the Jets for another year before retiring as a Giant!

It’s like Jessica Biel’s quote in Summer Catch “IF YOU WANT BIG REWARDS, YOU HAVE TO TAKE BIG RISKS.” This quote has always been a favorite…

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Practice Makes Perfect On and Off the Field

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I have always been told, “(Amarie) if you want to be great and successful you have to work hard.” In addition to the latter it is important to know that Rome wasn’t builtin a day and you can’t always expect to be a CEO as soon as you start.

And when there aren’t any visible doors knock out a window and crawl through!

Working hard and paying your dues not only makes a successful person but generates an appreciation hard to find.  So kudos to my parents for telling me , a bratty 13 year old girl that I couldn’t have a sell phone like all of my spoiled peers at my all girl prep school (Lauralton Hall).  My dad looked me in the eye and said, ” if you want a phone you have to earn it” and told me “GET A JOB!”  “Dad a job???” I whined.NEWSFLASH I was under the legal working age so it was either a tag sale or  lemonade stand.  To curb my anxiety and depression, My parents told me

“(Amarie) if you want it bad enough you will get it.” The very next day I called Big Nonna’s Cheer N More a local shop near my house that I would always pass on my way home from school.  I figured I am a cheerleader I can sell cheer and sports stuff no problem.  I called up the store and asked if I could have a job.. the owner said “sure can you start tomorrow”. It was as easy as pie And I got my Kyocera phone.

I made a whopping $6 an hour under the table and became the second in comand and helped her run her store.  At 13 years old I was sending invoices to companies, placing orders, managing the register and running the store while the owner was out.  I can remember the satisfaction when I was able to hand my dad the money after a few weeks of working and ask him to take me to get my phone.  Ahhh Hard Work Feels So Good! Thanks Dad for teaching me independence and perseverance.

Lastly, my favorite is PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

After graduating last year, I feel as though I have obtained some serious wisdom and appreciation for my education.  Feel free to laugh at me all you older folks who are probably shaking your heads at this very moment BUT I MEAN IT!  I know all those years that my parents would ask me what I learned in school and I would simply reply NOTHING but I know that I really have learned SOMETHING and it is really humbling knowing that I am using my skills and knowledge to pave my own path to success.  So much has changed in the last year!  I always thought I was good at business and marketing but I have come to learn that I can only get better and thinking I am amazing at what I do is foolish and only leads to being a stagnant professional. Growth and challenging oneself is not only the key to success but maintaining one’s success.

I began Sports Chat Fanatic my last semester of college and never thought it would turn into much more than a few YouTube vids. I wanted to show my friends, family and future employers that I have the ability to brand myself and utilize social media to get across information and demonstrate my knowledge of marketing and sports.  Then after being fired from my less than satisfying temp job and depressed from the next 3 solid months of unemployment I was able to seize the day and look uncertainty in the eye and say “Bring it!”  I swallowed my pride and took a seasonal part time gig at Victoria’s Secret.  After slaving away at the pantie tables and fixing underwear that people so carelessly destroy ( deep down I think PURPOSELY throw all over the place); I found a marketing job listing on Craigslist.  At the time I was so excited to have a freelance project lined up and Thinking how  excited I would be to help him launch his new online coupon site in Fairfield County.

The first week of February I began work which would later turn into a full time thing and helping run the company and then running the New Haven County Region on my own.  Through my experiences I have come to the conclusion that not only does Practice pay off in the sports realm but in what I like to call the old grind a.k.a the real world.   If I had continued to be depressed and not look for any more jobs after so many rejections. I would still be sitting here wondering how I have a degree with no job. But I took a little risk and followed an opportunity that had no guarantee and now I am in charge of something that could potentially grow to be very big! is a great local deal site if you live in Connecticut and I am so blessed to be a part of this awesome start up! We have a local premise and strive to help the local mom & pop shops while giving back to the community.  It is so nice to be a part of a company that has values and ideals similar to my own. Hence, going to work feels good!

And even though PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT I am still learning something knew about business and marketing each and every day which is why I am not afraid to admit that I do not know all nor do I try and know everything.  Practice makes you better but it is important to strive for perfection so that way you are always continuing to learn and grow. “A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.”-John C. Maxwell

I would like to share a little personal story.  When I was in about 3rd grade I played soccer because I figured I was Hispanic and adopted so it would bring me closer to being Paraguayan.  I played for a local coach who also coached an AAU team.  The team I was on however was not on that level so my little porky asthmatic self felt safe playing and not being judged. Well as time went on my competitive coach would be very hard on us. Well, me in particular.  When I couldn’t keep up with things or would be 3 laps behind everyone he would just ignore me and have me continue to run or if I messed up a drill I would run.  I grew to hate soccer and dreaded going to practice and games. I ended up quitting soccer after that year and didn’t pick up a ball until my freshman year of college. Then my junior year of college I felt more comfortable playing and actually played semi-decent for a former pudge ball. I played indoor and outdoor and I had a great time.

Practice truly does make perfect and standing up once you have been knocked down feels so good once you can find the inner strength to do so.  So dust yourself off and put a smile on your face.  Life is full of surprises so Carpe Diem , Follow Your Dreams and Live the Life You Were Meant To Lead because you can be anything you want to be it only takes a little TIME and PRACTICE.