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The Patriots Couldn’t Get Passed the Steelers D

Posted in Sports with tags , , , , on November 6, 2011 by Adopted Mamacita

Steelers Gal

Prior to the week 8 game of this years NFL season tension was high for Pats and Steelers fans.  So many uncertainties.  Would the Pats once again defeat the Steelers on their home turf?  Could the Steelers overcome all of their injuries and defeat the Pats?  There were so many projections in favor of the Pats. Many ESPN analysts were commenting on the injuries and age of the Steelers. Despite the negativity, I stayed confident in my Steelers because my motto is once a Steelers fan always a Steelers fan. Fortunately, the results were not in favor of New England.

The Pittsburgh Steelers prevailed and showed the league who is boss in this impressive demonstration of their all around skill and talented coaching. Despite Hines Ward, James Harrison and several other players being out of commission the Steelers dominated against a team that has often been a thorn in their sides especially on their home turf. The Patriots remained scoreless the entire first quarter and the Steelers went on to score a touchdown within the first drive.  The Pittsburgh Steelers had possession of the ball for more than half of the game and kept Brady’s highly ranked and talked about offense off the grid.

Now let us compare these two teams.  Big Ben threw for 365 yards with 36 completions and 2 touchdowns.  Brady threw for 198 yards which is a season low for him.  He had 24 completions and 2 touchdowns and Brady was only able to convert 3/10.  The two top rushers for the Steelers were Mendenhall and Moore with a total of 86 rushing yards.  Faulk and Green-Ellis of the Patriots combined rushing yards totaled 41 yards.  The Steelers top receivers were Heath (85 yards) and Sanders (70 yards) for a grand total of 155 yards.  While on the other hand Gronkowski ( 95 yards)  and Wes Welker (39 yards) the combined total for these two great players 133 which is quite low for Welker.  Does this Patriots offense sound like the top ranked one we’ve been watching all season.. Not quite. Maybe Gronkowski should spend his bye week focusing more on the game than playing house with porn stars.  My fav defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau demonstrated his excellent coaching skills. The Steelers defense was able to press the receivers with their aggressive coverage and energy. Also,  the pass rush penetrated the offensive line and got to Brady three times.

Woodley was injured in the 3rd quarter while rushing Brady and taken out of the game but he did practice on Wednesday. Speaking of Woodley not only was he was named the AFC Defensive Player of the Month with 25 tackles and 7.5 sacks in the month of October alone but it was his Birthday on Thursday! Congrats Woodley you are an amazing player and I really hope to see you playing against the Ravens Sunday in week 9.

Can someone say on side kick-FAIL?  The New England Patriots really need to work on their onside kick. In the 4th quarter there was a very bad onside kick that only went about 7 yards.  Since 1994 the Patriots have not been able to execute a successful onside kick.

The final score of this game 25-17 puts the Pittsburgh Steelers at a (6-2) record. Ladies and gentlemen this is the Pittsburgh Steelers we have all been waiting to see. The season started off slow but I have a feeling we are going to go out with a bang. I think that the people who were dismissing and ragging on the Steelers are going to start eating their words because this team looked anything but old and worn against one of the top offenses in the league last Sunday. MHmmm I smell playoffs and the defeat of some Ravens Sunday.