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Fantasy Bball On My Mind

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So it is week 5 of the Fantasy Basketball Season and I guess 4th place out of 10 isn’t so bad for a first timer but I am determined to place in the top 3. My desire to win is partly fueled by my competitive nature but I also think it would be hysterical to see a group of guys lose to “Glitter Jam.” Unfortunately, I can’t take all the credit for this fun name a good friend of mine suggested it due to my obsession with glitter and rhinestones so it is quite fitting!

The season began with our online fantasy draft which I was a little nervous about but it was executed flawlessly without any technical difficulties. My handy dandy rotowire fantasy NBA cheat sheet helped guide my choices. I tried to pick players strategically according to the scoring categories and the overall espn/rotowire rankings. Each of the 10 in our league had to pick 10 starting players and 3 benchwarmers. My first few picks I was able to scoop up Kevin Love and Deron Williams in hopes that these two gentleman would score me some major points. I also picked up James Harden, Tony Parker, Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, Danilo Gallinari and Jrue Holiday. The drafting of the majority of my roster was all a very good deision.
The way that the scoring works in my fantasy basketball league is pretty simple. Each week you play against an opponent and the scoring categories are Field Goal Percentage, Free Throw Percentage, 3 Pointers Made, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks and combined Points made. There are several games played each day so it is vital to check on the status of your players. Once you check all the news to make sure that players aren’t hurt you set your lineup for the day. The interesting thing about fantasy basketball is that you can drop, add and switch players up until the game begins but once a game begins a player is locked and can not be moved. At the end of the week it tallies the wins-losses-ties based on the 8 different scoring categories and then the scores from previous weeks just accumlate.
So far fantasy basketball has been a great time and I look forward to the weeks to come. Watch out for Glitter Jam!


My First Interview with a Member of the Big Blue Wrecking Crew

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My First Interview

In honor of the Giants NFC Championship win I would like to share with all of you my first ever interview with an athlete.  Recently I was so fortunate to meet with not just an athlete but the one and only Harry Carson, a member of the Big Blue Wrecking Crew of the 1980’s.  The interview began by accident when I was attempting to mingle at the Walter Camp Foundation Awards event.   Allowing my nerves to get the best of me I approached the kindest looking and welcoming person I could find who happened to be the very pretty woman standing next to me.  This woman was named Maribel and she happened to be the wife of Harry Carson whom I was about to meet.  I briefly explained to her my purpose of being at the event and my desire to have a career in sports.  She immediately asked me if I would be interested interviewing one of the men who was the first to dump Gatorade on a coach.  Being the gung-ho and excited individual that I am said, “Of Course!”  So she automatically volunteered her husband and explained to me that was her connection to this event.

As expected with any first interview comes a little bit of first time jitters and uncertainty especially meeting with someone so accomplished.  However, Carson was an exceptionally down to earth and friendly athlete so it made the interview all the more comfortable and fun.  I began the by asking Carson when and why he got involved with football.  He said, “I used to play sandlot style football when I was young.”  Then once he hit high school (9th) grade he began playing on the school’s football team.  You may wonder what Harry’s main motive for playing football was at Wilson Senior High and McClenaghan High School but the answer is quite simple: “It’s all about the girls.”  After taking a moment to regain my composure and stop giggling I asked him a little bit more about football.  He explained that after being motivated by girls to pick up the game in high school he quit because it was way too difficult for him and not what he expected it to be. However, Carson ended up returning to football shortly thereafter and never quit again which is quite fortunate for all of the football fans out there especially Giants fans.

After high school Carson attended South Carolina State University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in education.  During his college career Carson never missed a single game and won numerous collegiate honors such as the Kodak All-American Football team, NAIA All-American Team, All-State (SC), MEAC Defensive Player of the Year on two separate occasions.  Not only was Carson an exceptional athlete but he was recognized for having the highest average academically amongst Black All-Americans.  This young man was already doing big things at such a young age no wonder his success and aspirations have continued to this day.

After college, Carson was drafted in 1976 by the New York Giants as a Linebacker.  Carson was a 9 time Pro-Bowler pick, team captain for 10 years, two-time recipient of the NFC Linebacker of the Year award and was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame.  I asked Carson what his favorite thing about playing in the NFL was and he replied, “Playing with the guys and all of the relationships made.”  When asked about his motivation, Carson replied, “I was most motivated by my entire team and Willie Jeffries.” Willie Jeffries was one of his college coaches and biggest mentors. Carson described Jeffries as practically his “surrogate dad.”  In 1986, Carson’s team won the Super Bowl 39-20 against the Denver Broncos.

After personally interviewing Harry Carson, meeting his wife Maribel and learning about his life, this man is truly deserving of the Man of the Year Award through his motivation and jack of all trades way of life.  Carson has not only made a name for himself as an athlete but a sport broadcaster, entrepreneur and an author.  He is involved with numerous organizations such as the Miami Project, Boys + Girls Club of America, The Boy Scouts of American and the list goes on.  It is such an amazing thing when someone as successful as Harry Carson can possess such positive personality traits, successful athletic skills and such a desire to give back to society. Congratulations Giants and congratulations Harry Carson!

Last game of the Wild Card

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The Pittsburgh Steelers face the Denver Broncos in the last playoff game on Sunday. This matchup is interesting because there are many factors that will make this game a close call. Typically the Steelers are known for their strong defense and their proactive offense who seem to regularly get things done even if it’s a little messy and close. This game will be a little different because they are playing in Bronco territory. Despite the absurdity of the location of this game being hosted by a team who had 4 less wins than their opponent the Steelers have no choice but to maintain their focus and play their hardest. The difficulty that the Steelers team has to face is their laundry list of injuries. The Broncos are playing with good health and no injuries to report which is a great advantage aside from being in their own venue.

One too many great Steelers players will not be seeing the ball today. This includes Clarke who was ruled out of the game by Tomlin due to his sickle cell disease and the impact that playing in this high atlitude previously had on his health. Tomlin has made the right choice by protecting the health of his player but Clark is not happy about this decision. Running back Mendenhall is out with a season ending knee injury and Moore is also out with a knee injury as well. Pouncey missed both practices at the end of the week and his status is questionable but game time doesn’t look promising for this center. Therefore, Legursky most likely will be the back up center.

There are also several players who are probable: Harrison, Kesisel, Scott Polamalu, Legursky and Woodley. These gentleman will more than likely be playing against the Broncos this Sunday because all of which have been practicing to some extent. Most importantly the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Big Ben is still having issues with his high ankle sprain which will take a toll on his mobility in the pocket. This is a potentially disasterous situation because the limited mobility will not allow him to maintain his QB flow and style to break away from defenders and make plays happen. Big Ben is a quarterback that is active in the pocket and occasionally runs the ball for himself.

Tim Tebow may have helped to give the Broncos a chance to play in the playoffs but the magic is about to run out. Tebow is no match for this veteran team and quarterback. The Steelers haven’t given up 40 points since 2006 but the Broncos have given up at least 40 points in 4 games this season. As for the Steelers offense, this year Big Ben averages 37 pass attempts per game and 40 on the road and he has yet to lose a playoff road game. The Steelers defense is going to challenge the Broncos run plays and put extreme pressure on Tebow and force him to throw.

The Steelers are going to steal the night away from this novice quarterback. It has been a great run Denver but the Pittsburgh Steelers have all the experience and tools to come out on top of this game.