SCF Welcomes a new Sports Writer-ASHLEY!!

Hi Amarie SportsChat fans! My name is Ashley and I’ll be contributing to Sports Chat Fanatic on anything and everything in the world of sports and the somewhat obsession us Americans have developed with them. Amarie and I have had a few courses together here at the University of New Haven, and I am so excited and honored that she has invited me to share my knowledge and opinions with all of you! Let me tell you a little about myself.

Growing up in New Jersey, there was never a lack of professional sports teams to root for. My mother is a New York Giants fan. My father, being from Maryland, bleeds maroon and gold for the Washington Redskins. (Literally, the man has an obsession) Thankfully, I have turned into quite the Giants fan and have really enjoyed this past season 😉 The NBA has only recently caught my interest because of the lockout and “Linsanity,” but I am always open to watching new sports and seeing how my favorite college players are developing in the professional leagues. And that is where the fun part comes in…

During my senior year of high school I had a minor injury that prevented me from being on the cheerleading team (insert joke here, but my team and I spent a week at Disney World every December four years straight for nationals) so my friend and I decided to become stat/water girls for our school’s varsity football team. The title “water girl” brings a certain stereotype with it, I know, but if you know my friend and I personally, you would know how much it meant to us to be a part of that team and all of the doors it opened for our futures. I knew I wanted to study something related to business, but after spending a season with the team, I knew that sports management and athletic administration was something I had to make a career out of. I watched a team that got knocked out of the state playoffs in the first round a year earlier finish its season playing for the Central Jersey Group III State Championship at Rutgers University and win it all, and I even have my own ring to prove it! Over the course of that 2008 season I watched boys I had known practically my whole life mature not only as football players, but as people and leaders as well, all while handling the ups and downs of earning local celebrity status. Somewhere in those five months, I decided I wanted (and still do) to be an athletic director at a big time high school where sports are not only a way of life, but also a way of saving lives.

Fast forward three and a half years, through countless business management classes, two seasons as a student manager for the U of New Haven football team, one season with the men’s basketball program, and an internship at a junior college athletic department in New Jersey. I’ve developed a real passion for college sports, through all of the controversy and skepticism they bring. Whenever I start to feel fed up with the big time college sports drama, I’ll be reminded of a player or program that uses their position in the spotlight to better the community they represent, and I realize why I’ve dedicated the last three years of my life to learning as much as possible about the past, present, and future of college athletics.

I am a big believer in the concept of whether or not we chose to recognize it, every human on this planet was put here to make an impact, and it is up to us as individuals to decide whether it is a positive or negative one. Through my experiences as a manager for the various athletic teams I have been around, one theme has been the same. “Leave the program better than you found it.” I believe that this is something we should all strive to do. Whether you work in sports or education, on Wall Street or on Main Street, you should always try to make a positive impact on the people you are constantly surrounded by and leave their lives even a little bit better than when you found them.

Sean “Diddy” Combs once used the slogan “Life Without Passion is Unforgivable” to promote his cologne, but I took the advertisement as something more meaningful and have adopted it as one of my personal belief systems. You will never read anything here on SCF by me that I spout out in a matter of minutes simply to have another post. Anything I discuss on this blog, or anywhere else, is something I have taken the time to get the facts about and a topic that I feel has a significant impact on the sports industry, be it in the collegiate or professional rankings.  I promise to you, the Sports Chat Fanatic readers, to always be passionate and honest with this blog, because if you’re taking time out of your day to read this, who am I to waste your time with something I’m not 100% passionate about?

So here goes something !


4 Responses to “SCF Welcomes a new Sports Writer-ASHLEY!!”

  1. blackqbwhiterb Says:

    Welcome we look forward to hearing your input and commentary! First question-Where’s Peyton Manning going to play??

    • Thank you for checking us out. I’m so excited to have Ashley on my team–She’s a really great girl! As far as where Peyton is going to play I will leave that for a post in the near future. So stay tuned!

  2. Jessica Says:

    Ashley ❤ this is absolutely AMAZING! I was smiling while reading it the entire time because your knowledge and passion shine through your writing. I can't think of a more perfect outlet for you to channel your sports expertise and represent for the women of the world (holla!) I will definitely be checking up on this site to see what you have to say because you know what you're talking about! xoxo

  3. thanks for your support Jess!

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