The Skinny on Linny


So after eating Chinese food for lunch today with my boss, I figure it is a MUST to write a post about the term #linsanity #linmania and all of these new Lin terms. By the way, I am in no way shape or form racist but the Asian invasion has taken over the sports world by storm!  It’s so exciting to see people overcome adversity to defy the odds and be successful.

Before the beginning of the month, if you asked someone about their thoughts on Lin most people would most likely respond, “Linn who?”  Now even non NBA viewers now his whole history. This guy came from left field overnight and he has taken over the NBA scene in a Tebow-like manner. The interesting thing is not only can Jeremy Lin play a little basketball but the path which he has taken to reach his current success is far from traditional.  Lin was born in Palo Alto, CA and his parents are from Taiwan. This is important because he is one of the few Asian American and is the only Taiwanese NBA player.   After watching Lin for the last few weeks it is crazy that the top colleges didn’t find him appealing so he went to Harvard and played basketball. The majority of NBA players were on basketball scholarships Lin was not one of them. He went on to lead the Harvard Crimson in scoring.  While at Harvard he heard racial slurs and comments at games but he stayed strong. I admire him for this because as a teenager I was called a “spic” so I can completely relate to racial slurs and people standing in the way of success. I can honestly say that I have a whole lot of respect for this young man.

Jeremy Lin has not taken the easy path and often has almost always been overlooked even once he started playing in the NBA. However in February 2012, Lin was recalled by the Knicks and he went on to impress all by scoring 25 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists. Since then he has continued to improve his stats and keep his numbers consistent.  I truly hope that he is not a one hit wonder because I think he makes for a wonderful role model and has such an inspiring Cinderella story! If Lin continues to play at this level he will have the ability to inspire so many people on an international level.


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