The Night Before a Big Interview

Note to self: Do not and I repeat DO NOT watch a Steven King movie before attempting to go to bed.

So at the time eating one of my favorite meals (Eggplant Parm) after a long day at work and preparing to watch Steven King’s Pet Cemetery seemed like a good idea at the time.  Little did I know the imaginative thriller would have a slightly negative affect on my ability to sleep. And leave my mind spinning about whether or not I can resurrect Minnie (my former dog) from our backyard.  Well, apparently I had forgotten the impact that Steven King films and novels have on the brain because I didn’t recall that little tidbit until the present.

I definitely realize now that I am currently wide awake and afraid to leave my room and go to the bathroom to take out my contacts. I suppose my imagination is a little wound up because all I can think is that journeying into the dark abyss a.k.a my hallway could be dangerous.  Luckily I have an infinite amount of contact cases in my room just in case so battling a child from the dead in my hallway is not a possibility tonight. This is quite frustrating because I know that I have to get a good nights sleep to be mentally shop for my sports interview in NYC tomorrow morning.

Since I can’t seem to hit the sack I have begun looking up interview tips and re-reading the article that  G-Helen sent me in the mail ( for those of you that don’t know G-Helen is my super COOL Grandma who lives near Pittsburgh home of the Steelers, Penguins and not-so-spectacular Pirates). I have found some pretty obvious tips and some other VERY helpful ones that I have learned through my many part time, fulltime, college and internship interviews but things that you all might not be aware of so I figured I would share this valuable info with you all!

Looking very clean and professional is VERY IMPORTANT… first impression is essential to having a successful interview. If you know the company is casual dress up more for the interview. Don’t dress to fit the company because you are not an employee yet so it is a must to DRESS TO IMPRESS! Be confident but not cocky. Avoid slang or reference to any of the protected classes (religion, age, race, sexual orientation, politics). Listen and be engaged. Ask questions at the end, nod during the interview and ask questions for clarification when appropriate. Be outgoing but don’t talk too much! Sometimes more is less no wordy answers (sometimes I have problems with getting to the point especially when I’m nervous). Practice is key! If you have another job never say you can start tomorrow. Two weeks’ notice for employers is courteous and expected typically.  You don’t want the interviewer to think you might just quit on them.

Some common questions that I found online:

  • Tell me about yourself.
    Give a short introduction about yourself; speak about your educational background, previous job positions you have held, brief introductions about your accomplishments etc. Speak briefly and nothing too personal.
  • What are your short term and long term goals in life? / Where do you see yourself 10 years?
    Answer to this question depends entirely on your objectives. So have a clear idea about what you want to achieve in life. Map out your short term and long term career objectives. You may be asked to justify your aims. So be ready.. Also, I have learned from my experience feel out the interview some places will like to hear how ambitious you are and other people might be scared that you’re going to leave and find a diff job in a short time. USE YOUR INTUITION!
  • What are your strengths?
    Mention your key skills and positive points that apply to the position. Back them up with concrete examples.
  • What are your weaknesses?
    You have to carefully determine the weak points that you wish to put admit during an interview. Try to turn them into positives. For example, I used to work at Victoria’s Secret and folding underwear can be quite mundane but I learned to appreciate the down time and it helped me think about approaches to open more credit and re-energize for the busy rushes.
  • What are the reasons for leaving your previous job?
    This question must be answered very tactfully. Whatever may be the reason for quitting your earlier job, refrain from any negative comments.
  • Give reasons on why we should hire you.
    Be aware of your skills that the company can readily use. Speak how you fit the organizations needs and how you can contribute to the company growth.
  • Are you comfortable working under pressure?
    Working under pressure is a part of any job so if it is hard for you to handle don’t say no outright but make it positive and explain how you would tackle the pressure and still manage a good performance. Ex. Say you would ask for help if you got to overwhelmed and ask for advice on how to break down a task. Managers like to know that you aren’t going to try and take on too much and then screw up.
  • What are your work ethics? 
    Your answer should be brief and reflect your respect for the work you do and high standards of professionalism.
  • Describe a situation where you couldn’t fix a problem.
    You should confidently explain an unfavorable situation. Explain the problem, and mention the reasons why you could not arrive at a solution. DON’t leave out the positive twist to this and how it has helped in your learning process.
  • Do you have any questions for us?
    At the end of every interview, a candidate has to face this question. As a rule, you should have at least 5 questions prepared for the interviewers. Typically half of my questions get answered during the interview so it’s important to have more! Ex. What is the corporate culture like of (Blank)?

StufF to Bring To An InTerview!

  • I typically bring a NOTE PAD to write down the names of people I meet, to read off the list of questions I prepared.
  • PEN to take brief notes during the interview.
  • 3-5 copies of the RESUME.
  • 3 copies of REFERENCES just in case they ask.
  • A FOLDER to keep my note pad, pen, resume etc.
  • A fresh professional OUTFIT.

Okay so those were some tips to remember!! I must admit that now I am ready to fall asleep and so very excited for my interview at (blank). I just hope that I don’t have dreams about the Pet Cemetery!

Good night all and hopefully I have a new job in the near future! IF anyone has an job interviews coming up I wish you the best of luck! And if you further questions please send me a message!Image


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