Some Woman Are Silly When it Comes to Sports

Brandon Jacobs tells Gisele to Stay Cute and Shut up!

So before and after Super Bowl some ladies have gone a little viral with their comments and actions.

Numero Uno: Let’s start off with Patriots’ Quarterback, Tom Brady. Brady has a very pretty super model wife who normally is pretty reserved other than when she is modeling in a bikini and talking trash about Tom’s team mates and blaming them for the Super Bowl loss. She was caught by the media saying, “You have to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball,” she said angrily to those around her. “My husband cannot f—king  throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.”

Mhmm hey Gisele which one of Brady’s teammates caused that safety? Or some of those awful throws?  Check out the video if you haven’t already and read some of the comments from New England fans who aren’t too happy with her.

Numero dos: Silly girl if you don’t know who the Super Bowl MVP/ Quarterback is than please don’t say it out loud go with a name you remember especially if you are live on TV.

In the clip below this young blonde is asked what player she is excited to see and she yells SAANNNCCHHEEEZZZZ!!! LMAO so clearly this girl is rocking the wrong jersey! Blondie, just to let you know the MVP/Quarterback of the New York Giants is Eli Manning even my little cousins know that!! Well, at least she was kind of in the ball park naming a New York football players name-that’s a start I suppose.

Okay so despite my utter annoyance with this blonde, I can’t help but to die laughing every time I see it.  So I have posted the clip and I am hoping this won’t cause guys to further stereotype woman who like sports even more because there are woman out there who truly know, love and respect sports.

Disclaimer:   NOT ALL WOMAN ACT this way and KNOW THIS LITTLE about sports!

Numero tres (if it’s really true): Prior to the Super Bowl there was a story about a woman that got a little negative attention, she received Super Bowl tickets for Christmas from Jason Elia (her boyfriend at the time) and then she proceeded to break up with him after she found out that he had cancer but she still wanted the tickets.. “He planned on proposing to his then-girlfriend, and traveling to Indianapolis with her for the big game on Feb. 5. However, after telling her that he had been diagnosed with bladder cancer, she promptly dumped him.”  However, an article today suggests that this individual may have fabricated the story.. but regardless if this is true it is pretty messed up.

Fact or Fiction??? Maybe we will never know the truth but he did give the tickets away.

Sports Tips to Live By

  • Don’t talk about a player that you don’t know anything about.
  • Don’t blame certain players in front of the media if there were other factors that caused a loss.
  • Don’t pretend a player is your favorite if you don’t know anything about him/her.
  • Don’t rock a jersey of a team that you aren’t familiar with. And if you do at least know what city they are from.
  • Don’t make a comment that you aren’t willing to defend.
  • If you truly like a team.. stay up to date with the team news (trades, coach acquisitions, big games, etc.)
  • If you sell someone something & take their $$$.. Don’t withhold merch.. IT’S ILLIGEAL
  • If you are going to wear team apparel in enemy territory.. bring something to defend yourself or just bring earplugs to avoid a confrontation Lol.
  • If you are going to a player meet and greet bring a camera, sharpie, picture, merch or something else for them to sign.

*These are just a few words of advice


3 Responses to “Some Woman Are Silly When it Comes to Sports”

  1. Sean Breslin Says:

    Yeah, I think her comments were dumb until Brandon Jacobs came out with his “Just sit there and look cute” quip today.

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