Fantasy Bball On My Mind

So it is week 5 of the Fantasy Basketball Season and I guess 4th place out of 10 isn’t so bad for a first timer but I am determined to place in the top 3. My desire to win is partly fueled by my competitive nature but I also think it would be hysterical to see a group of guys lose to “Glitter Jam.” Unfortunately, I can’t take all the credit for this fun name a good friend of mine suggested it due to my obsession with glitter and rhinestones so it is quite fitting!

The season began with our online fantasy draft which I was a little nervous about but it was executed flawlessly without any technical difficulties. My handy dandy rotowire fantasy NBA cheat sheet helped guide my choices. I tried to pick players strategically according to the scoring categories and the overall espn/rotowire rankings. Each of the 10 in our league had to pick 10 starting players and 3 benchwarmers. My first few picks I was able to scoop up Kevin Love and Deron Williams in hopes that these two gentleman would score me some major points. I also picked up James Harden, Tony Parker, Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, Danilo Gallinari and Jrue Holiday. The drafting of the majority of my roster was all a very good deision.
The way that the scoring works in my fantasy basketball league is pretty simple. Each week you play against an opponent and the scoring categories are Field Goal Percentage, Free Throw Percentage, 3 Pointers Made, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks and combined Points made. There are several games played each day so it is vital to check on the status of your players. Once you check all the news to make sure that players aren’t hurt you set your lineup for the day. The interesting thing about fantasy basketball is that you can drop, add and switch players up until the game begins but once a game begins a player is locked and can not be moved. At the end of the week it tallies the wins-losses-ties based on the 8 different scoring categories and then the scores from previous weeks just accumlate.
So far fantasy basketball has been a great time and I look forward to the weeks to come. Watch out for Glitter Jam!


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